When it’s time to say goodbye

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Time to say goodbye

Six months ago today was the last time I spoke to my mother. She died peacefully in her sleep early the next morning. I didn’t write much about her in my previous blogs mostly because she was such a private person and her story was not mine to tell. But also because, from a family caregiving perspective, I had it … Read More

From Wedding Bells to Boot Camp – what a year it has been!

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wedding bells to bootcamp

Hello Sojourners Wondering where I’ve been? It has been quite an exciting year The past 10 months have been quite busy for me, filled with big changes and new beginnings. So much has changed over the past few months it is hard to believe it all was possible. It all started back in February when I suddenly needed to restructure my … Read More

What to do when your siblings disagree?

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What to do when your siblings disagree?

“My brother is visiting and he thinks Mom is just fine! And to make matters worse Mom seems to fool him that she is just fine! What do I do?”  Peggy, North Carolina This is a common frustration shared by so many family caregivers. When the siblings or adult children who are at a distance don’t quite see the situation … Read More

6 Essential Steps to Stress Free Caregiving

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Where do you begin as a Caregiver? Many family caregivers find themselves well into this role before they realize what has happened.  Whether suddenly at a hospital bedside or slowly over time, families quickly realize just how difficult caring for someone can be at times. They search for information and answers to help make better choices and feel more in … Read More

What caregivers need to know about open enrollment

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Maybe you have seen the commercials on TV or received a phone call about Medicare Open Enrollment deadlines. As a caregiver of an aging parent do you know what are these deadlines are and what you need to do?   It is important to separate the hype of the sales pitch from the actual deadlines and decisions. Whether you are concerned for … Read More

What do your aging parents need?

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And how do you know? Family caregivers struggle with knowing when to step in to help and when to leave well enough alone. But how do you know what to do and when? Maybe your 80-year-old mother is fine living alone right now with just some occasional assistance. But what additional help could she use now and what do you … Read More