Caregiver School is a nine-part audio training program that covers a variety of topics designed to help you provide the best care for your loved one. Each of part of the program is broken down into 2-3 brief audio lessons, most about 20 minutes long. So you can listen to just one lesson or listen to them all at once; from anywhere and at anytime. Be sure to print the course outline and worksheets that accopany each lesson.

I know you will find the information and education offered in Caregiver School …help for your journey

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Visit my author page Patricia Thorne on Amazon.  You can purchase the complete program book or just an ebook version of the part of Caregiver School that you need for your journey.

Caregiver School Workbook

This 46 page workbook is an essential resource and reference tool containing all 22 lesson worksheets, allowing you to print forms and checklists as you need them. 

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